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Why AC Hack?


Celebrate the diverse talent already in the tech field. Encourage more diverse talent to enter the tech industry. Prove that diversity is integral to the success of the industry.


Meet a tonne of new people from all backgrounds. Get new ideas and skills from your teammates.


A programming vet? Use this opportunity to show off and share your skills. Need to brush up on your skills or just starting out? No worries at all、 we accept everyone of all coding abilities. This event is largely a chill one so no pressure to create the next Google in 24 hours!


Listen to some inspirational speakers over the weekend. Get career advice, industry experience and tech tips.


Nothing like a little friendly competition? Cash prizes are up for grabs for the best performing teams.


Expect to hear from exciting innovators in the tech space.

Naila Murray Ph.D

Facebook | Director of AI Research

Mabintou Kolley

SANS Institute | Senior Product Designer

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